Creating Emotional Literacy

(In Yourself & With Your Clients)

Thursday, October 19 at 8:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Eastern

A live, virtual pay-what-you-want 90-minute course.

When we fully access, name, and experience a range of emotions, we have a richer landscape to navigate as humans, leading to a more conscious way of relating to oneself and others. Emotional literacy brings our clients and us to a fuller, richer, and more connected human experience.


Emotions are a powerful access point in coaching.

Live 90-Minute Course

Whether our clients name it or not, they come to our coaching sessions with emotions around the content they bring. That’s why they bring the content they bring. They have feelings about it that reflect the importance of the topic to them and how they relate to it.

Oftentimes, clients aren’t aware of the emotions they bring with them into a coaching session. 

And if our clients aren’t aware of their emotions, then there’s a good chance that their emotions are “driving the bus,” and our clients are unintentionally lending their agency to their emotions. And so, they are less conscious of how they relate to their world. 

Perhaps the most valuable thing we can do in our role as coaches is to help our clients see what they can’t see about themselves and unlocking the information in their emotions is a central aspect of that.

Join us for a rich and interactive 90-minute course designed to help you gain an understanding of emotional literacy, why it’s essential in coaching, and how to help your clients notice and make meaning of their emotions so they can access more of themselves and relate to their world in an intentional way.

Why Attend This Course?

Emotional literacy may be one of the most underrated skills of any leader. Emotional literacy facilitates our awareness of how we relate to ourselves and others. Leaders with strong emotional literacy connect better with their teammates, make more informed decisions, and express themselves with more clarity and congruity. 

Teaching our clients about emotional literacy may make the difference between achieving their goals for our work with them or remaining in the dark about what they are missing. 

If we can help give our clients back to themselves by developing their emotional literacy, why wouldn’t we?

In this short course, you’ll learn how to develop emotional literacy for yourself and your clients, and how it impacts one’s ability to relate to themselves and their world. You’ll learn how to connect with and access the powerful information emotions contain and how to live, relate and coach from a place of more awareness and integration.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • What emotional literacy is and why it’s important

  • Why we are as emotionally literate or illiterate as we are (Hint: It’s related to our attachment patterns)

  • Why developing a client’s emotional literacy can enhance and increase the effectiveness of your work as a coach

  • How to develop emotional literacy in yourself and with your clients to create a more agentic and integrated experience in yourself and relationships

  • How to facilitate a safe space for your clients to explore and feel emotions as they emerge

  • How to help clients to question the assumptions and interpretations that lie underneath their emotions


As part of this course, you’ll receive:

Access to the Recording

Can't make the live course? Enjoy the recording at your convenience, any time of the day after the live event.

Practical Skills & Practices You Can Do Now

Learn and implement powerful, practical tools to enhance your ability to tune into your clients’ emotions and help them gain emotional awareness.


Sarah Thomas

"Alison and the Learning In Action team deliver exceptional content and interpersonal learning support. You will grow and be changed by the experience."

Roger Clarkson

"Alison this course has been wonderful from a content, resources and presentations perspective. Thank you so much for being there for all of us !!!
You have given me much to think about !!!"

Terry Gilbert

"Thanks so much for the course — you are a lovely clear instructor, and the content was terrific. I loved it not only for the self-reflection and understanding about what makes me tick but of course for the ways it will help me in my role as a coach."


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Meet Your Instructor

Alison Whitmire

President, Learning In Action, Master WE-I Practitioner, and Professional Certified Coach

Alison Whitmire is committed to connecting people. She connects people with a fuller experience of themselves, with ideas that help them make meaning of their lives and with others in community. Alison is a leader in the field of emotional and relational intelligence and is the originator of Learning In Action’s WE-I. She is a Professional Certified Coach, Master WE-I Practitioner, and Certified Narrative Coach. She serves on the faculty of Moment Institute teaching Narrative Coaching and is certified as a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Breathwork Teacher. Alison has been a TEDx speaker and a three-time TEDx Conference organizer.