The Emergent Coaching Program

Lean into the instrument you are and tune into what’s emerging


12-Week Virtual Emergent Coaching Training

April 25 - July 18, 2024


As coaches, we often sense that our journey is more than a profession—it's a profound calling. Each twist and turn in our life's story has led us to this pivotal role, a role where we're meant to be guides and catalysts for transformation. And in our pursuit of being a "good" coach, we sometimes lose sight of the very essence that brought us here.

The quest for excellence drives us to accumulate knowledge, refine skills, and amass credentials. However, in this pursuit, we can unintentionally overlook the authentic calling that resonates within us, the greater force that beckons us to a higher purpose. We become instruments yearning to channel something far beyond ourselves, something waiting to flow through us.

Yet, there's a juncture where our journey to acquire more knowledge might indeed shape us into adept coaches, yet not necessarily the coaches we're destined to become. True fulfillment as a coach emerges from a profound connection—with ourselves, the consciousness that courses through us, and the dynamic energy that interweaves our clients, ourselves, and the world.

The Emergent Coaching program invites you to step into this transformative space, where you embrace your role as an instrument of something greater.

By reconnecting with your essence, you open the gateway to coaching not just from a place of skill, but from a space of wholeness.

This is an invitation to unlock the boundless potential within you and extend the same invitation to your clients—an invitation to be whole, present, and attuned to the unfolding journey within and around us.

Are you ready to journey into the realm of coaching that transcends the ordinary?

The Emergent Coaching program is a 12-week virtual training, starting April 25, 2024, that offers you the chance to align with your deeper purpose and harness the dynamic forces that shape coaching beyond measure.

Rediscover the essence of coaching with us and earn 35 ICF CEUs (21 Core Competencies, 14 Resource Development).


Discover a Pathway to Client Transformation...


“For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love. The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

—Carl Sagan

In this profound perspective, humans embody a conduit through which the Universe comprehends its own existence. Coaches, in turn, guide humans to the understanding of themselves. Thus, as a coach, you are inherently an instrument of the Universe.

This program presents a sincere invitation, encouraging you to commence a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It invites you to establish a profound connection with your inherent coaching Self, uncovering the very core that resonates with the Universe's majestic plan.

Through your immersion in this course, you will not only encounter your role as a coach but also recognize your capacity as a cosmic instrument. This opportunity enables you to cultivate a deeper relationship with your coaching vocation, revealing its most profound layers. As you dive into this course, you will unearth the coach you are destined to evolve into—an illuminating guide and catalyst for those under your care.

Upon completion and integration of this course, you’ll be able to:


✅ Develop the kind of generative relationships with your clients that support their growth

✅ Use silence generatively and bear witness for your clients, holding space for what’s wanting to emerge.

✅ Explore with your clients the meaning their emotions have for them the healing that’s being pointed to.

✅ Sense into the energetic field in a coaching session, identifying the energies present, following and inquiring into them to birth what’s wanting to happen.

✅ Access and utilize your own unique intuition to work with what’s emerging within and for your clients, to divine a pathway for their awakening and growth.


Are you ready to experience the profound sense of wholeness that comes from reconnecting with your authentic Self?

Enroll in the Emergent Coach program today and join us on a journey that will empower you with the tools, insights, and community to transform your coaching practice into a powerful force for awakening and growth.


Andy Riggs

“The course was SO rich. This is one of the most rewarding and challenging courses I've done, and sits for me really well with the course I've already done with the AoEC in the UK.”

A rich, rigorous, deeply impactful program…

This program has been meticulously crafted to provide you with an immersive learning journey that offers an array of benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: Our curriculum harmoniously blends self-reflection, expert-guided exploration, and hands-on experiential exercises. This unique blend enriches your coaching practice and equips you with practical tools.

  • Vibrant Community: Become part of a dynamic community of coaches united by the exploration of emergence and the desire to refine their coaching prowess. Engage in meaningful connections and thought-provoking discussions that fuel growth.

  • Guided Triad Meetings: Immerse yourself in weekly triad meetings that facilitate a deeper understanding and application of concepts. This structured engagement enhances your grasp of the material.

  • Continued Growth: Upon completion, your journey continues within an exclusive online community forum. Foster connections, collaborate with peers, and nurture ongoing development.

Elevate your coaching journey with a curriculum that not only imparts knowledge but also offers a supportive structure for your growth.

Explore the Curriculum

Ready to dive in? Join us in our live virtual sessions where we'll dive into topics like intuition, emotions, presence, and energy, among others. Between these sessions, you'll have a chance to enhance your awareness with hands-on exercises and explorations. These tools are designed to not only help you grow personally but also supercharge your interactions with clients. You'll have an opportunity to experiment with emergent coaching using guided prompts, allowing you to expertly guide each client's unique journey. And lastly, you will engage with a supportive community through online discussions and weekly live triads, fostering an in-depth emergence exploration and empowering you to harmonize as a cosmic instrument.


You'll also receive:

  • 35 ICF CCEs (21 Core Competencies and 14 Resource Development)
  • A certificate of completion and a social media kit to proudly showcase your expertise and accomplishments
  • A wealth of exercises to heighten personal awareness and catalyze client transformations.

What Makes the Emergent Coaching Program Different?

The Way We Define Coaching

We believe that coaching is the encouragement of an organic process, already and always underway within your clients, supporting them in divining a path toward their own awakening and growth. This unique perspective on coaching can open you up to a new way of being with clients.

An Education and Exploration of Energy

We examine the presence and flow of energy in a coaching session, including the energy flowing within and through the coach, the client, and the field between them. We help you attune with what the energy is pointing to and what’s wanting to emerge. 

The Study of Emergence

The study of emergence and how emergence shows up in nature. We teach you how to coach emergently, midwifing what’s wanting to happen for the client.

A Deep Dive Into the Purpose of Emotions

A deep dive into the purpose of emotions and how to work with them as a coach to support your client’s awakening.

A Framework for Understanding Attachment Theory

A framework for understanding attachment theory, its impact on our identities and relationships and how to create secure attachments with our clients.

Integration of Breathwork and Other forms of Meditation

Every session will include some form of meditation, with roughly half of the sessions including a breathwork meditation. The purpose of these meditations is to deeply connect you with your “Self.”

A Study of Intuition

A study of Intuition and a framework for determining the unique source of your own intuition and how to access it.

An Approach for Working With Your Client’s Narratives

An approach for working with your client’s narratives and finding the messages their stories and the characters within them have for them.

Executive Coaching

Who is the Program For?

This course is for coaches within organizations, external coaches, and organizational and leadership professionals who want to:

  • Explore the invisible, intangible aspects of coaching that can produce “the magical” during a coaching session.
  • Explore energy, intuition, and emotion and the information they have for us as humans.
  • Connect with their higher Self so that they might live and coach from there.
  • Go deeper with their clients, moving from the surface to what matters.
  • Become the coach they are meant to be.



We firmly believe that coaching is a calling, and this program extends an invitation to professionals across various contexts. Whether you're within an organization, working externally, or leading from the front, Emergent Coaching can reshape your approach and unlock new dimensions of impact.

Enroll now to align your professional path with a transformative coaching journey that transcends boundaries and enhances your capacity to create meaningful change.

NOTE: The Emergent Coaching Certification program is for professionals who are already trained as and/or working as a coach, counselor, therapist, or in a similar capacity. This is not a course to train people who are not coaches to be coaches.


Training Schedule

The Emergent Coaching training is a thoughtfully-designed hybrid program that offers independent exploration and engaging live learning with your cohort in weekly live sessions and triad meetings.

Training is facilitated weekly on Zoom. These experiential and immersive sessions are held:

April 25 - July 18, 2024

Weekly on Thursdays 
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific / 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern



Plan for both weekly 90-minute virtual learning sessions and time outside of virtual sessions to engage in learning triads, readings, and exercises to support you in integrating what you learn.

Can’t make a session?

The entire program is live, virtual, and recorded. The live sessions are available in the learning portal, complete with downloadable resources, learning partners, and Q+As. And if you can’t make it live, don’t worry! You’ll have unlimited access to the recordings, so you can catch up on the replays (or watch again!) whenever you like.

Henry Kahn

“I feel that this course was the most powerful and beneficial because I was still having many moments of “I didn’t see it coming.” I am as close as I have ever been to replacing my default reactivity to unfolding challenges with breath work, body awareness, pausing, being silent (a wonderful place to be!), and all of the other exercises of bearing witness, connecting with source, experiencing the field. Last but not least, I am learning to label, acknowledge, and then let go of what no longer serves me or my clients (instead of ignoring).”
Emergent Coaching Program

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