Emergent Coaching Certification

Lean into the instrument you are and tune into what’s emerging

Virtual, 12-Week Certification Training  |  April 13 - June 29, 2023 


Are you a coach looking for a way to make coaching feel effortless and intuitive?

Do you feel disconnected from the joy of coaching, burdened by the pressure to add value and create outcomes for your clients?

If so, the Emergent Coaching Certification program may be exactly what you need.

The Emergent Coaching approach is based on the idea that coaches are instruments of something greater than themselves. Instead of focusing on what value they are adding, Emergent Coaches meet their clients where they are and support what is already emerging within them. This organic process allows coaching to feel easy and effortless while still being generative for the client.

Our 12-week virtual training program will teach you how to work with what's already present in the energetic field between you and your clients, unlocking their potential for growth and development. You'll learn to attend to and support what's emerging in the field, and develop your intuition as a coach through practice and repetition.

The program also introduces the 5 As for generative relationships with clients (Attending, Attuning, Allowing, Accepting, Appreciating) and teaches you how to work with a client's feelings as a way to uncover what's wanting to develop within them. 

Not only will you learn how to be a more effective coach, but you'll also experience a deeper connection with what flows through you and your coaching. This approach offers an easier, lighter, and more organic way of coaching that feels good for both you and your clients.

Join our Emergent Coaching Certification program and experience the transformative power of Emergent Coaching. Our 12-week virtual training program kicks off on April 13 with weekly sessions through June 29, 2023, and you'll receive 35 ICF CEUs (21 Core Competencies and 14 Resource Development).

If you're ready to let coaching be easy for you and generative for your clients, this program is for you.

Deepen Your Coaching Presence, Attune with the Energetic Field, and Discover New Thresholds for Transformative Coaching Relationships


Discover a Pathway to Client Transformation...

Join a growing community of coaches committed to healing the ways in which we are divided from ourselves and each other.

As a Certified Emergent Coach, You Will...

  • Develop and deepen your awareness of yourself as a Coach, as an Instrument
  • Explore and develop your own coaching intuition and learn to trust it
  • Learn to discern the difference between coaching from your own habits and patterns and tuning into what’s wanting to emerge for the client
  • Learn how to listen to your client’s stories and metaphors to discern what’s wanting to emerge for them.
  • Tune yourself as an instrument by developing and maintaining your own centering practices and engaging exercises to deepen your awareness of self, energy and the field
  • Learn how to offer yourself and your clients a place of deep presence, acceptance, and awareness
  • Prepare your Self to be most present and available for your clients and their coaching sessions
  • Learn an emergent model for coaching based upon our relatedness with our client
  • Distinguish what breathing and mindfulness techniques to use with clients as well as when and how to use them so that they become an extension of the coaching work itself

Andy Riggs

“The course was SO rich. This is one of the most rewarding and challenging courses I've done, and sits for me really well with the course I've already done with the AoEC in the UK.”

A rich, rigorous, deeply impactful program…


Explorations in Emergent Coaching

This segment invites discovery into the questions of What is coaching? What is coach as instrument, and coaching presence? What is it like to bear witness? We'll go through the Emergent Coaching model and explore the implications for ourselves as coaches.


Feelings, the Field, and Client Stories

In this segment, we'll explore more of what's available from our clients and the field — all resources to notice, attune to, and use as a place for exploration and deepening client awareness. We'll consider the role of metaphors, narratives, and emotions in coaching.


Anchoring, Intuition, Integration

The final segment of the program offers a place of deep integration as an Emergent Coach, where you'll harness intuition and integrate the Emergent Coach model and the approaches covered in the program.

You'll also receive...

  • 35 ICF CCEs (21 Core Competencies and 14 Resource Development
  • A certification as an Emergent Coaching Practitioner and Emergent Coaching Certification badge
  • A certificate of completion and a social media kit for you to share your expertise and accomplishment
Executive Coaching

This experiential 12-week virtual training is especially for…

  • A coach or consultant who sees your work as a calling and want to use acceptance, holding space, and bearing witness as a means of inviting into the field what’s wanting to emerge.

  • An organizational development professional who wants to engage a broad toolkit of techniques and approaches to use with your clients and support their teams to access more of themselves for better outcomes.

  • An HR or corporate executive who wants to prepare yourself to be most present and available for your team.

  • A Certified WE-Q Practitioner who wants to continue to deepen their coaching and connect with their unpatterned essence as a coach, as an instrument of something greater than themselves.


NOTE: The Emergent Coaching Certification program is for professionals who are already trained as and/or working as a coach, counselor, therapist, or in a similar capacity. This is not a course to train people who are not coaches to be coaches.

What Makes Emergent Coaching Certification Training Different?

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

Our team is committed to connecting with you on a weekly basis to provide personalized assistance, answer questions, and support you in integrating what you learn. We collect your feedback throughout the program to ensure it’s tailored to your needs and that your experience is rewarding.

A Rich Learning Environment

The Emergent Coaching Certification cohorts consist of coaches, counselors, OD professionals, and others who seek to explore their work as a sacred calling and see themselves as an instrument of something larger than who they are. The program draws individuals who care deeply about growing their capacity for presence, intuition, empathy, and more, all within a coaching context.

A Balance of Interactive and Engaging Experiences

Using a strategic combination of live sessions, Q&A, interactive exercises, reflection, breakout rooms, and triads, you’ll be transported into a meaningful and connected experience that will continue with you long after our 12-week journey.

An Internal Deep Dive

While most certification programs are intended to provide you with a client toolbox, the Emergent Coaching Certification guides you on a powerful internal dive. You’ll gain deeper self-awareness, allowing you to reach a new depth in your coaching and have a greater impact on your clients and yourself.


Training Schedule

The Emergent Coaching Certification training is a thoughtfully-designed hybrid program that offers independent exploration and engaging live learning with your cohort in weekly live sessions and triad meetings.

Training is facilitated weekly on Zoom. These experiential and immersive sessions are held:

April 13 - June 29, 2023

Weekly on Thursdays 
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific / 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern



Plan for both weekly 90-minute virtual learning sessions and time outside of virtual sessions to engage in learning triads, readings, and exercises to support you in integrating what you learn.

Can’t make a session?

The entire program is live, virtual, and recorded. The live sessions are available in the learning portal, complete with downloadable resources, learning partners, and Q+As. And if you can’t make it live, don’t worry! You’ll have unlimited access to the recordings, so you can catch up on the replays (or watch again!) whenever you like.

Henry Kahn

“I feel that this course was the most powerful and beneficial because I was still having many moments of “I didn’t see it coming.” I am as close as I have ever been to replacing my default reactivity to unfolding challenges with breath work, body awareness, pausing, being silent (a wonderful place to be!), and all of the other exercises of bearing witness, connecting with source, experiencing the field. Last but not least, I am learning to label, acknowledge, and then let go of what no longer serves me or my clients (instead of ignoring).”
Emergent Coaching Certification

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