Relationship Strategies:


How They Relate to Attachment Styles and How We Self Regulate


A Pay-What-You-Want Course for Certified WE-I Practitioners

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 8:30 AM PT / 11:30 AM ET


Live 90-Minute Course

Leaving certification training, many practitioners say that they understand the Relationship Strategies dimension of the Profile the least. That may be because it’s the last dimension we cover and perhaps we’re all exhausted at that point!

Understanding Relationship Strategies is extremely important because it’s the dimension of the Profile that is most likely to become behavioral. And it’s the dimension that reflects the conclusions drawn from the other dimensions around the wheel and tells us who we trust, how much and what we can tolerate.

Trust plays an extraordinarily important role in all our lives and relationships. Yet we seem to have little control over it and tend to justify and rationalize our trust stance in a relationship. Creating awareness for our clients over who they trust, how much and why, can play a central role in regaining their self agency and improving their satisfaction with their relationships and their lives.


In this one-session course, we’ll explore the following questions:


How do Relationship Strategies relate to Attachment Style?


How do Relationship Strategies help us self regulate?



What do Relationships Strategies look like in behavior?



How do Relationships Strategies impact our relationships?


What is the cost of over or under using each Relationship Strategy?



How do we coach a client around their Relationship Strategies?



You’ll walk away from this session with a new deeper, richer understanding of this critical aspect of our inner world and you’ll be able to:

Explain how the Relationship Strategies relate to the other elements of the Profile and to Attachment Styles

Describe what each Relationship Strategy looks like in behavior and the cost in relationship of being high or low on each strategy

Articulate how each strategy helps us self regulate

Coach your clients to lean into the Relationship Strategies that they avoid and practices that will support them


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Meet The Instructor


Alison Whitmire

PCC, President of Learning In Action and Master WE-I Practitioner

Alison Whitmire is committed to connecting people. She connects people with a fuller experience of themselves, with ideas that help them make meaning of their lives and with others in community. Alison is a leader in the field of emotional and relational intelligence and is the originator of Learning In Action’s WE Intelligence. She is a Professional Certified Coach, Master WE-I Practitioner, and Certified Narrative Coach. She serves on the faculty of Moment Institute teaching Narrative Coaching and is certified as a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and Breathwork Teacher. Alison has been a TEDx speaker and a three-time TEDx Conference organizer.



Join us for this 90-minute one-session course on April 3 and discover the last dimension of the WE-I Profile that is most likely to become behavioral.