WE-Q Practitioner Refresher Training

Go Deeper Faster

Virtual, 13-Week Certification Training  |  February 28 - May 30, 2023

Reinvigorate your use of the WE-Q Profile and discover new ways of expressing the power of WE-Q


You made an investment of time and money to attend the WE-Q Profile Practitioner Certification.

Are you using what you learned? Has it been a while since you leveraged the WE-Q Profile in your coaching engagements?

Whether you’re using the WE-Q Profile or not, that’s OK.

Each WE-Q Practitioner training cohort is unique. There is always something new to learn and opportunities to deepen your understanding of yourself, your clients, coaching, and the WE-Q Profile.

The new perspectives of how your clients are moving through life and approaches to coaching through the lens of WE-Q have the potential to change your coaching and your life.

You’ll leave the training feeling qualified and confident to use the WE-Q Profile with clients because you’ll experience it from the inside out.

When you attend refresher training, you’ll leverage your initial investment to gain a deeper awareness of yourself and the hidden drivers of your life.

And, you can use your newfound knowledge to create those same impactful awarenesses in your clients.


By joining us for WE-Q Practitioner refresher training, you will:

  • Explore your unique inner experience with interactive, experiential sessions, focusing on the "Self as Coach"
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how you are shaped in relationship and how that affects how you experience your life
  • Gain clarity about how your past experiences and relationships continue to impact the experience of your life (and may be impacting your coaching)
  • Go beyond the WE-Q Profile and gain awareness of the common denominators of your clients' derailing behaviors and how you can uncover them in generative ways for your clients
  • Explore novel and nuanced principles of coaching that apply well beyond an assessment and have the potential to shift and deepen how you coach
  • Connect with Master WE-Q Practitioners and other refreshers who are deepening their awareness, along with meeting new practitioners with fresh insights into WE-Q

Meeting You Where You Are

Access all that the full WE-Q training has to offer at a refresher price or choose to engage in the program in a way that most empowers your learning.

You will have access to the full WE-Q training program, and while you may find engaging in the full experience worthwhile and rewarding, as a refresher, you can select the level at which you’d like to participate.

Note: CEUs are adjusted according to your level of participation.

A rich, rigorous, deeply impactful program…

The WE-Q Practitioner Certification Training has been redesigned to be a live, highly interactive, and experiential 13-week experience presenting a cutting-edge curriculum that will deepen your expertise in the unique niche of WE-Q coaching and support your ability to secure more work.



Orientation is the initial point of connection for the cohort: you'll connect with your certification facilitators, other trainees, and essential program details that you'll need in order to navigate the program with ease and confidence.


How We Are Shaped in Relationship

In the first two modules, you’ll dive deeply into how our brains are shaped and understand how our triggers, habitual patterns, and narratives form. You’ll discover the Journey of Relational Awareness and how it relates to your clients' path as they move towards growth and accomplishing what they want in their lives.


A Deep Dive Into the WE-Q Profile

In modules 3 - 5, you’ll be introduced to the WE-Q Profile, its dimensions, how it captures and reflects our patterns, and how to interpret patterns reflected in your clients’ WE-Q Profile results. You’ll take a deep dive into the WE-Q Profile as an instrument and be guided through what it measures: empathy compassion and empathy accuracy, self/other orientation, access to our range of feelings, positive/negative orientation, and how we balance our wants, thoughts, and feelings.


Integrating the WE-Q Profile

Modules 6 - 7 are experiential and practical — you will gain a hands-on understanding of WE-Q Profile interpretations for clients and receive supportive evaluation and feedback. You’ll take a test drive with an actual client and be guided through implementing the WE-Q Profile in your work.


A Deeper Dive Into WE-Q Profile Interpretations, WE-Q Profile Debriefs, and Integration

In the final modules, we will continue the hands-on practice of WE-Q Profile interpretations for clients, we’ll discuss reflections and you’ll receive supportive evaluation and feedback. And you’ll prepare for and complete an oral exam.

You'll also receive...

  • 40 ICF CCEs (25 Core Competencies and 15 Resource Development) for full course completion (if you engage the course at a lighter level, your CEUs will be adjusted accordingly).
  • Access to all-new personalized tools, templates, and support to reinforce your learning and to use in your WE-Q-related coaching.
  • A "like-in-person" experiential training with interactive sessions using a variety of modalities, including learning partners, group discussions, and triads.
  • A listing on Learning In Action’s Practitioner Network where you can showcase your practice and get connected with new clients looking for a WE-Q coach.
  • An exclusive invitation to one of our Certified WE-Q Practitioner communities, Circle or DEEP (this is based on your WE-Q Profile usage).
Executive Coaching

This 13-week virtual training is especially for Certified WE-Q Practitioners who:

  • Have not attended training in over two years
  • Want to discover new perspectives, approaches, and techniques for expressing the power of WE-Q
  • Desire to connect and dive deeper into relationships, shared experiences, and interpersonal awareness
  • Seek to continue supporting clients in living their lives with deep and meaningful relationships
  • Desire to become more proficient with interpreting WE-Q Profile results
  • Have received new coaching clients and want to feel confident and well-versed in the WE-Q Profile for these engagements
  • Want to leverage refresher training to meet ICF CEU requirements
"This has been excellent - well worth my time! I love the combination of exercises, video and resource information and material. I love the greater detail on triggers, the relationship of VUCA between our clients, coaching, the WE-Q Profile, and also the connection of our individual narratives and the Hero's Journey. Also, the way to frame and map the WE-Q Profile. I especially liked the attunement suggestions. Great clarification regarding percentage and percentile - I used to struggle with that!"

— Barbara Rubin-Greenberg

"I am loving this format much more than I'd anticipated. Thank you so much for creating a bite-sized, progressive banquet of such monumental meaning!"

— Rebecca Perry


Training Schedule

Continue to explore your own relational and emotional patterns and reinvigorate how to coach your clients around WE-Q in an intimate, "like-in-person," transformational experience.

Training is facilitated weekly on Zoom. These experiential and immersive sessions are held:

February 28 - May 30, 2023

Weekly on Tuesdays 
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific / 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern



Important Dates

  • Orientation: February 28
  • Graduation: May 30

Plan for both weekly 90-minute virtual learning sessions and an estimated 2-4 hours per week outside of virtual sessions to engage in learning triads, readings, and exercises to support your ability to implement the WE-Q Profile at a skilled level effectively.

Can’t make a session?

The entire program is live, virtual, and recorded. The live sessions are available in the learning portal, complete with downloadable resources, learning partners, and Q+As. And if you can’t make it live, don’t worry! You’ll have unlimited access to the recordings, so you can catch up on the replays (or watch again!) whenever you like.

Experience the WE-Q Practitioner Training a Whole New Way

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Our student-to-teacher ratio and small personalized classes are two of the features that make our WE-Q Certification Training unique. Training cohorts include anywhere from 15 to 25 trainees, and we incorporate learning triads and breakout rooms to support an immersive learning experience.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

Our team is committed to connecting with you on a weekly basis to provide personalized assistance, answer questions, and support you in integrating what you learn. We collect your feedback throughout the program to ensure it’s tailored to your needs and that your experience is rewarding. 

Hands-on Guidance Using the WE-Q Profile

We all know the saying: practice, practice, practice. And neuroscience proves this is true. For this reason, hands-on and guided practice with the WE-Q Profile is incorporated heavily into this program. You will receive a free WE-Q Profile, and we will guide you through facilitating it with a practice client.

A Balance of Interactive and Engaging Experiences

Using a strategic combination of live sessions, Q&A, interactive exercises, reflection, and breakout rooms, you’ll be transported into a meaningful and connected experience that will continue with you long after our 13-week journey.

A Rich Learning Environment

WE-Q certification training cohorts consist of professionals that are new to WE-Q, and Certified WE-Q Practitioners returning for a refresher. Sessions are led by our co-faculty of Master WE-Q Practitioners with extensive experience in WE-Q Profile interpretations. The spectrum of experience creates a rich and interactive learning environment — you will encounter opportunities for real-time feedback and various perspectives and approaches from knowledgeable professionals.

Paced-Out, Consumable Bites

The WE-Q Practitioner training is rich and rigorous, and in the newly designed training, you will harness your learning through paced-out, consumable bites with an easy-to-use learning platform, real-time feedback, and various perspectives and approaches from knowledgeable professionals.

WE-Q Practitioner Refresher Training 

Deepen Your understanding of Self, Coaching, Clients, and the WE-Q Profile

Payment Plan


2 monthly payments


Pay In Full


Save $100!


Excludes a new WE-Q Profile. If a new WE-Q Profile and 60-minute debrief is desired, the cost is $350. Please refer to the Retake Policy to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Meet the WE-Q Training Faculty

Alison Whitmire

PCC, President of Learning In Action and Master WE-Q Practitioner
Alison Whitmire is committed to connecting people. She connects people with a fuller experience of themselves, with ideas that help them make meaning of their lives and with others in community. Alison is a leader in the field of emotional and relational intelligence and is the originator of Learning In Action’s WE Intelligence. She is a Professional Certified Coach, Master WE-Q Practitioner, and Certified Narrative Coach. She serves on the faculty of Moment Institute teaching Narrative Coaching and is certified as a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and Breathwork Teacher. Alison has been a TEDx speaker and a three-time TEDx Conference organizer.

Shani Feyen

Director of Learning, Training and Development, and Certified WE-Q Practitioner
Shani Feyen, MA, CPCC, serves as Director of Training, Learning and Development at Learning in Action. Her passion is to design and facilitate meaningful learning and development opportunities for self-awareness, relationship building, and diversity & belonging. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in education, a Master’s degree in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education and Administration, and professional coaching certification and leadership training from the Co-Active Training Institute. Her excitement for transformative and experiential learning took her into the field of coaching, and she is particularly interested in the intersection of learning and coaching.

Charlene Kushner

Business, Leadership & Personal Development Coach, Master WE-Q Practitioner
Charlene was introduced to the WE-Q Profile in 2014 and has continued to use the tool to coach clients and support the creation of healthy and cohesive work environments. In 2022, she became a Certified Master WE-Q Practitioner. Prior to coaching, Charlene held a 29-year career as a General Manager in Municipal Government, managing a large multiplex aquatic, fitness, & recreation facility.

Sherryl Christie

Executive Coach and Master WE-Q Practitioner
Sherryl has over ten years of dedicated experience administering and interpreting the WE-Q Profile through Learning in Action. She is a certified Master Practitioner and assists with WE-Q Certification training as a teacher.

Evelina Rog

Executive Coach, Executive Educator, and Master WE-Q Practitioner
Evelina is a certified Master Practitioner who has been using the WE-Q Profile for over seven years and has used the WE-Q Profile with hundreds of leaders in leadership development programs, executive coaching, and team coaching engagements to support transformational change and vertical leadership development.