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When we and our clients become aware of our hidden patterns, we open a pathway to relationships that heal. The WE-Q Practitioner Certification training offers a way to do just that.

In-Person, 3-Day Certification Training  |  Vancouver, BC
March 29, 30, & 31, 2023

Explore your rich inner landscape as a coach — your patterns and ways of being and how they shape you — and empower your clients to do the same.


 You have a variety of tools to help your clients see their behavior and impact on others more clearly.

But how can you hold up the mirror to your client’s internal experience, especially when it’s largely outside of their own awareness?

How can you help your clients see the common denominator of what’s not working in their lives when they can’t see it, don’t want to see it, or don’t have a language for it?

Instead of struggling to find ways to help your clients see how they are getting in their own way, you can develop the ability to help them bust through the internal obstacles that are keeping them stuck in their patterns and accelerate their progress towards life-giving relationships, aligned purpose, and reaching their goals and dreams.

In the WE-Q Practitioner Certification program, our approach begins with intentionally holding space for your experience and supporting you in developing your own self-awareness, so you can connect with all parts of yourself and live, relate and coach from a place of integration.

Because when you work with your internal experience and embedded narratives, you can experience a transformative experience in yourself and gain the expertise to create the same transformational experiences with your clients.

As part of this illuminating experience, you’ll be trained to understand and facilitate the clarifying lens of the WE-Q Profile, a simulation-based instrument that tracks and captures our internal experience under stress, revealing what we can’t see about ourselves and how our reactions influence how we relate to others.

You’ll gain the ability to see your clients' patterns of thinking, feeling, and wanting, and detect the common denominator of their relational experience, empowering you to go deeper faster in weeks instead of months to facilitate transformative change.

Discover how to help your clients transform their experiences, consciously create their relationships and have a greater impact on their professional and personal life.


As a Certified WE-Q Practitioner, You Will...

  • Gain an understanding of how you are shaped in relationship and how that affects how you experience your life
  • Gain clarity about how your past experiences and relationships continue to impact the experience of your life (and may be impacting your coaching)
  • Learn to connect your clients’ narratives with how they are relating to themselves and others.
  • Learn how to discern the common denominators of your clients’ derailing behaviors
  • Learn the foundation of Learning In Action’s WE Intelligence that applies universally (in personal and professional settings).
  • Earn a certification to facilitate a life-empowering WE Intelligence instrument, the WE-Q Profile, that will give your clients more power and choice in their lives.
New to WE-Q?

The Power of WE Intelligence

WE-Q is a term that refers to WE Intelligence or the ability to be present, connected and mindfully in relationship with another. WE-Q is rooted in the belief that we are already, always at the deepest level, connected with each other.

At Learning in Action, we seek to help people develop their WE-Q by revealing the ways in which they are protecting and defending themselves (in ways they may not see) and supporting them in returning to mindful relationships with themselves and others.

A rich, rigorous, deeply impactful program…

Our Master WE-Q Practitioners facilitate a cutting-edge curriculum designed to introduce you to a unique niche of coaching that will support you in securing more coaching engagements requiring deep WE Intelligence expertise.


The WE-Q Profile Experience

Complete the WE-Q Profile instrument, a real-time simulation, receive your WE-Q Profile report, and a 60-minute interpretation of your results with one of our Certified Master Practitioners for visibility into your own internal landscape under stress. By taking the WE-Q Profile before training, you will begin to explore your own default patterns under stress, which is your first step in understanding the WE-Q Profile in its entirety.



Orientation is the initial point of connection for the cohort: you'll connect with your certification facilitators, other trainees, and essential program details that you'll need in order to navigate the program with ease and confidence.


How We Are Shaped in Relationship

On day one, we’ll learn about The Journey of Becoming and Belonging: how our brains are shaped, how patterns and narratives form, and how the WE-Q Profile reflects those patterns. We’ll take a deep dive into triggers and habituated patterns.


A Deep Dive Into the WE-Q Profile

On day two, you’ll learn how the WE-Q Profile captures our triggered responses, and how to interpret patterns, which is understanding the pattern of thinking, feeling, wanting, and believing that is reflected in your client’s WE-Q Profile. You’ll be introduced to all of the dimensions of the WE-Q Profile and how to divine your client’s implicit Ladder of Inference as revealed by the WE-Q Profile.


WE-Q Profile Interpretation and Debriefing

On day three, you'll start putting the pieces into place, playing with what you've learned. You'll practice Profile interpretation and connecting client narratives to the Profile. You'll also explore how to do a debrief and connect your interpretation and growing debrief skills together.


WE-Q Profile Interpretations, WE-Q Profile Debriefs, and Integration

In addition to an immersive in-person experience, you’ll join us for five follow-up virtual sessions scheduled one week apart. These are intended to support your application of the WE-Q Profile with hands-on practice, reflections, practice client interpretation and debriefs, and prepare you to present it to clients and integrate it into your current offerings. You'll also end with a final debrief evaluation for the certification.

You'll also receive...

  • 40 ICF CCEs (25 Core Competencies and 15 Resource Development)
  • A certification to facilitate the WE-Q Profile, an instrument that’s been utilized by professionals to define and create a deep understanding of what they and their clients are experiencing internally.
  • A certificate of completion, WE-Q Certification badge, and a social media kit for you to share your expertise and accomplishment!
  • A listing on Learning In Action’s Practitioner Network where you can showcase your practice and get connected with new clients looking for a WE-Q coach.
  • An exclusive invitation to our Certified WE-Q Practitioner community, Circle (launching in 2023!)
Executive Coaching

This unique, experiential training is especially for…

  • A coach or consultant who wants to do deep, meaningful work to make a powerful difference in the lives of their clients and is willing to take a bit of personal risk to do it.

  • An organizational development professional who wants to learn about themselves and their clients, navigate cultural challenges, and increase change potential within their organization.

  • An HR or corporate executive who wants to leverage relationships, shared experiences, and interpersonal awareness to improve effectiveness at an individual and team level.

  • A therapist or counselor who wants to feel confident in their ability to give their clients a different perspective on how they are moving through life.

  • Those who are courageous, empathetic, whole-hearted — and seek to have deeper, more comprehensive, and robust conversations with clients that move them forward faster.


Training Schedule

Explore your own relational and emotional patterns and discover how to coach your clients around WE-Q in an intimate transformational experience.

The WE-Q Practitioner Certification Training is a hybrid learning experience combined with an in-person, highly interactive, and experiential three-day experience followed by “like in-person” live, online sessions.  


In-Person, Vancouver, BC

March 29 — 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
March 30 —8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
March 31 —8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Virtual Integration Sessions

Weekly on Wednesdays
April 19 - May 17, 2023
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific / 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern


Important Dates

  • Orientation (Virtual): April 17
  • Graduation (Virtual): May 17

Beginning April 19, plan for both weekly 90-minute virtual learning sessions and an estimated 2-4 hours per week outside of virtual sessions to engage in learning triads, readings, and exercises to support your ability to implement the WE-Q Profile at a skilled level effectively.

“The course was so much more than expected. Alison and her team at Learning in Action did an amazing job. Excellent instruction with lots of case studies and experience. You will be surprised at the depth and breadth of the WE-Q Profile, and the insights it brings.”

- Julie Kothlow

“I use my Learning in Action training with virtually every single one of my clients. The training and techniques I received are like a swiss army knife, providing me with a variety of useful tools that allow me to perform my work with clients faster, easier, and with more depth. The training has allowed me to have deeper, more comprehensive, and more robust conversations with clients that move them forward faster.”

— Bruce Leamon

“Learning in Action’s training really does unlock the ability to dive in deeply with a client early in the coaching process. It gives both coach and client an understanding and a language for the complex, inner landscape within all of us.”

— Carla Greenan
WE-Q Practitioner Certification

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