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Thank you for joining Learning In Action and the Institute of Coaching for "Our Clients’ Past Need Not Foretell Their Future: Coaching to our Client’s Attachment Styles."

It was truly a pleasure to connect with you during this event and hope you found it valuable.

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Identifying and Coaching a Client's Patterns

With this free guide, you'll learn how to identify a client's pattern and coaching approaches to give your clients awareness of their patterns.

Presentation Slides

Receive a downloadable copy of Alison Whitmire's presentation slides for "Our Client’s Past Need Not Foretell Their Future - Coaching to Our Client’s Attachment Styles"

How Patterns are Formed

This visual guide takes you through each step of how our habitual patterns, or blindspots, are formed. A great infographic to share with clients.

About Learning In Action

Learning In Action is committed to helping coaches and consultants develop the kind of relationships that allow them to go deeper faster with their clients, allowing for meaningful shifts to occur in a fraction of the typical time. 

Our training programs provide education about how we are shaped by our relationships and how that shaping impacts our experience of our lives and can drive our behavior. Our practice-based approach supports coaches and consultants in reframing how they relate with their clients (and themselves) to leverage what’s emerging for transformative change.