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At Learning In Action, our passion is to empower coaches, OD consultants, and LD professionals to enhance client relationships for quicker and more profound transformation. Our distinctive training programs offer experiential learning, exercises, and education on building impactful client relationships. Our practice-oriented approach equips coaches and consultants with the knowledge and skills needed for lasting change, fostering generative interactions with clients and self. We're dedicated to supporting their path to wholeness, advancing our mission to unite and drive meaningful transformation in individuals, organizations, and communities.

Why WE-I? 


The WE-I Profile helps coaches, organizational development professionals, and people curious about their own development quickly uncover the hidden aspects of an individual’s thoughts, instincts, and emotions that get in the way of authentic relationships, improved EQ, and the ability to make positive changes. 


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Explore our programs and events for ways you can help your clients achieve new levels of self awareness and make positive change faster. Join our dedicated professional community committed to improving relationships and raising EQ around the world.

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WE-I Practitioner Resources


Dive into our wealth of resources for Certified WE-I Practitioners, including refresher training, WE-I Team Certification, and tailored materials to enhance your expertise with the WE-I Profile. Stay ahead in WE-I and deepen your practice.


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A Guide to Developing EQ


The WE-I Profile reveals how people have learned to protect and defend themselves amidst interpersonal stress by capturing their internal responses when challenged.  Not relying on  inaccurate self-report, the WE-I Profile uses simulation to take a snapshot of what goes on inside of someone when they’re stressed.

Rooted in developmental theory and attachment theory research, the WE-I Profile shows people the hidden ways their past relationships shape their emotional landscape, perspective and focus, and ability to understand and connect with others in periods of stress. The “relational map” that results from these findings outlines a path for addressing blindspots that limit the quality of our relationships and emotional intelligence. 


How It Works


The WE-I Profile uses video simulations to elicit an individual’s authentic real-time response to stress or conflict. It doesn’t rely on individuals’ inaccurate self assessments. The Profile’s unique simulation methodology captures your client’s assumptions, mental models and emotional reactions to stress and relationships. And in doing so, it reveals the patterns that drive their behavior, but lie just outside of their awareness.  The WE-I Profile helps individual’s gain insights into their hidden relational map, allowing them to chart a course for the development of their relational and emotional intelligence.

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“The skills and knowledge I acquired from the Learning in Action training allows me to talk about very profound things with my clients in a professional work context. It allows them to be vulnerable and see themselves more clearly. So much so, that I’ve heard from them after sessions say “I really feel like I am bringing all of myself to work now.” I’ve had clients whom were in some rough spots, internally and professionally, leave happy and smiling from a session because they felt seen and recognized. And I am able to do this through my experiences with Learning in Action training.”

Yarrow Durbin

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