The WE-I Profile Experience


Discover the powerful impact of your WE-I in your relationships and coaching through the WE-I Profile Experience.



Taste the impact of WE-I for yourself so you can bring more awareness for your clients.


You have aspects of yourself that lie outside of your awareness, buried deep in your unconscious mind. These hidden dimensions of yourself shape and often determine how you experience your life.

And the same can be said for your coaching clients.

The WE-I Profile uncovers these hidden parts. It will give you access to what you might not otherwise see-particularly when you are challenged or under stress-pointing you toward clarity and new insight, revealing a path to connection.

What if you could become more aware of your own patterns and help your clients become more aware of theirs?

How can you support your clients who find themselves unable to navigate forward or caught in a particular narrative that holds them back?

Hundreds of coaches, consultants, OD Professionals and others use the WE-I Profile to initiate this work. It offers a deep dive into powerful emotional and relational patterns that may or may not be serving.

Our WE-I Profile Experience for Coaches allows you to experience the WE-I Profile, explore your Profile through our WE-I YOU modules, and receive a 1-1 debrief from a Master WE-I Practitioner.

From this experience, you’ll gain an understanding of how you can help clients unearth and build deep awareness and acceptance around patterns they have (and that you have), helping clients to have more choice in their relationships and to create the life and experiences they truly desire.

What is the WE-I Profile?


The WE-I Profile simulates real-time stressful interpersonal interactions by presenting us with eight short video vignettes in which we are being challenged by another person. Then we are presented with a series of statements and asked the degree to which the statements fit our experience of the interaction. 

Because the instrument is a real-time simulation and doesn’t ask what we would do or what we believe about ourselves and instead asks us what’s going on inside us, it captures hidden aspects of what drives our behavior under stress. 

Once the simulation is complete, an 18-20 page report is provided, including a graphic presentation of what you reported as you watched the eight video segments.


Why the WE-I Profile?

It REVEALS A PATH to connection and UNCOVERS what holds us back.

It's All About Relationship


You have been created, shaped, and sustained in relationships throughout your life. The WE-I Profile reveals how you experience relationships in ways that influence your actions and reactions in potentially unintentional ways.

The WE-I Profile maps which neural pathways get activated (and deactivated) in difficult interpersonal situations. It reveals what gets triggered within you when you are in conflict or under stress.

By spotlighting what you don’t have conscious access to, the WE-I Profile creates new self-awareness and a new vocabulary for the ongoing development of the self.

It provides the awareness that develops new neural pathways that can lead to more present and intentional responses to stress and conflict, sustaining and improving personal and professional relationships.

A Non-Self-Reporting WE Intelligence Instrument


Most instruments that measure intelligence ask you how intelligent you think you are. Essentially, they ask you how aware you are of what you’re unaware of. That doesn’t make sense. That’s why the WE-I Profile is a simulation.

Rather than asking you to report how self-aware, self-regulated, and empathetic you are or what you would do or have done in situations where emotional intelligence is needed, the WE-I Profile places you in the middle of eight work-related conflict scenarios. Then, it tracks and captures your internal experience through your responses to a series of statements.

Your responses are coded and categorized by the relevant dimensions of your internal experience, then compared with an ideal for each dimension, as well as the responses from the rest of the population that has taken the instrument. The result is your WE-I Profile report: a snapshot of your internal experience in relationship, under stress, in conflict.

It's About Creating More Choice


The goal of the WE-I Profile is to generate awareness that allows you to make more intentional choices over how you relate with others. It provides insights into yourself and empowers you to create new neural pathways that can lead to better, more fruitful relationships.


The WE-I Profile Experience is for

Coaches, Consultants, Organizational Development Professionals, and HR Executives


What you can’t see about yourself will leak into your coaching. The WE-I Profile helps coaches and practitioners like you to see yourself more fully so that your coaching may be untinged by your default settings and be more intentional and connected.

By experiencing the WE-I Profile first, you’ll gain visibility into your own internal landscape and begin to explore your own default patterns under stress, which is the first step in understanding the WE-I Profile in its entirety.

We work with your internal experience and embedded narratives to create a transformative experience and support you in developing your own self-awareness.

This approach supports you in gaining the competency to create the same transformational experiences with your clients.

The WE-I Profile Experience will help you...

  • See what you can’t see about your relationship with yourself, others, and the world
  • Discover how you tend to protect and defend yourself and/or cope when under interpersonal stress
  • Develop a language and literacy for the dimensions of your internal landscape — helping you to name and begin to understand what’s happening inside you
  • Explore the cost of your conditioning from the past to your relationships today so you can begin to make purposeful, intentional choices in them
  • Identify your current narratives, and where you might desire new ones
  • Experience deep awareness and acceptance for the whole of who you are
  • Discover the awareness and shifts that are possible to create with your clients through robust and comprehensive conversations

How the WE-I Profile Experience Works


Take the WE-I Profile Instrument


The WE-I Profile is a simulation that places you in the middle of eight work-related conflict scenarios. Most people complete the WE-I Profile within about 40 minutes, but it’s not a timed event. You should set aside a quiet chunk of time that’s free from distractions to complete it. While you can stop at any time and save your responses, we strongly recommend completing it in a single session. Once completed, you will receive your WE-I Profile report within 1 business day.


Engage in WE-I YOU 


WE-I YOU is a series of videos and resources that guide you through each aspect of your WE-I Profile report BEFORE a one-on-one session with a Master WE-I Practitioner. This is intended to help you gain a foundational understanding of each dimension of the WE-I Profile. It also includes thoughtful exercises that encourage you to turn inward and reflect upon your reactions to stress. With this clarity, you and the Master WE-I Practitioner will be able to make the most of your time for interpretation and deep self-awareness.



One-on-One Session with a Certified Master WE-I Practitioner


During your 60-minute one-on-one session, a Master WE-I Practitioner will deepen your awareness; they’ll ask you about your reaction to your results, what surprised you, perplexed you, or felt accurate. Together you’ll review each dimension of the profile and what it means and what it looks like when it shows up in behavior.

Your Master WE-I Practitioner will share possible connections across dimensions that may form the basis of patterns triggered during times of stress. They will invite you to share and describe stories of interpersonal stress to see how your experiences fit with what your results reflect. The outcome of the session is an eye-opening understanding of your default ways of being that were previously inaccessible to you, paired with a real acceptance of who you are.


You will also discover how to integrate the WE-I Profile into your coaching and more about our WE-I Practitioner Certification training.

You'll also receive...

The WE-I Fitness Handbook


This Fitness Handbook was written to help you continue your own development and build effective relationships, both personally and professionally. It is the last step in the WE-I Profile Experience and provides 300 specific daily practices organized by each dimension of the WE-I Profile.

$350 Credit to the WE-I Practitioner Certification Training


If you’re ready to start integrating the WE-I Profile into your coaching practice after your WE-I Profile Experience, you’ll receive a one-time $350 credit towards your certification training tuition.

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