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Exploration: Including Yourself

February has long been known for Valentine's day and as a month celebrating romance and love. It's also Black History Month and Inclusion Month. All of these celebrations have, at their heart, inclusion. While we usually think of inclusion as involving someone or something else, inclusion can also relate to ourselves. In fact, quite often, when something is not working in our life or our relationships, it's often because we are, in some way, excluding ourselves. We are ignoring, stepping over, suppressing, or not considering ourselves and our own needs. We have conscious and nonconscious reasons for excluding ourselves that we've imprinted upon our lives. And any moment we count ourselves out is a moment missed. So join us for this exploration into Self Inclusion.











Including Yourself

Join us in February for an exploration of:

Where in your life do you tend to exclude yourself?
What might including yourself more fully in your life and relationships mean?


"Thank you for a beautiful hour of connection, holding, and opening. It was my first experience of 'Together at Home,' and the format - from open to close - made it easy to let go and breathe more deeply, even if only for the hour. The meditation was beautiful."


"Thank you for this gift of shared care and for holding together a sacred space for our community."

Meaningful Connections

About Together at Home

Together at Home is a free, monthly, one-hour live, virtual event for coaches with the intention to connect with each other, connect with ourselves and explore our experience... together. 

Each live, virtual monthly event will include:

  • Grounding meditation
  • Brief introduction of the theme for the month
  • Small group discussion, exploration, and connection
  • Closing meditation

Together At Home is sponsored by the Institute of Coaching DC Area Roundtable.

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  • The content is what we all bring
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Together at Home is sponsored by the Institute of Coaching