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Together at Home


Free Monthly Roundtable Sponsored by the Institute of Coaching


The 2nd Friday of each month at 11:30 AM Pacific / 2:30 PM Eastern


Together at Home is a free, monthly, one-hour live, virtual event for coaches with the intention to connect with each other, connect with ourselves and explore our experience... together. 


Each live, virtual monthly event will include:

  • Grounding meditation
  • Brief introduction of the theme for the month
  • Small group discussion, exploration, and connection
  • Closing meditation

WE-I Certification Training for Coaches & Practitioners


Discover the Power of WE-I

WE-I, or "Who We Are in Relationship," explores the profound influence of our past relationships on our current selves. It reveals how our past experiences shape our responses and understanding of the world.

In essence, WE-I recognizes that who "I" am now is intricately shaped by the collective experiences of the "WE" in my past.


Why Dive Deeper into WE-I?

WE-I empowers us to embrace interconnectedness, mindfulness, and self-awareness in our relationships, even during challenging moments. By understanding the five dimensions of experience within ourselves and others‚ÄĒthoughts, desires, emotions, sensations, and consciousness‚ÄĒwe can foster meaningful connections and navigate adversity. WE-I signifies that we are simultaneously separate, connected, and one.


The Impact of WE-I

WE-I holds the key to understanding how our past relationships have shaped us and continue to influence our future interactions. It gives us the agency to define our future relationships and empowers us to shape ourselves consciously. To know and understand our WE-I is to take control of our relationship narratives.


Comparing EQ and WE-I

While emotional intelligence (EQ) focuses on understanding and managing emotions, WE-I explores all dimensions of the human experience, especially within the context of relationships. It delves deeper into self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness, particularly when faced with challenges.


Begin Your WE-I Journey

We invite you to start your journey toward becoming a Certified WE-I Practitioner. Discover the transformative potential of WE-I in personal and professional relationships.


Created by Learning in Action, this tool explores our ability to remain present and connected amidst stress, uncovering hidden patterns in our thoughts, emotions, and desires developed through our life's relationships. These insights provide a roadmap for healthier, more mindful relationships, empowering intentional responses to stress. It's not a diagnostic tool but a catalyst for self-awareness and greater personal agency. Experience the WE-I Profile today!



The WE-I Practitioner Certification program by Learning In Action equips coaches, OD consultants, and leadership professionals training, education, and tools, like the WE-I Profile, to understand clients' inner responses to stress. This understanding enables us to empathetically support them in overcoming inner obstacles and achieving their goals. The program is offered two times per year, conducted virtually over 14 weeks. Join a 2024 cohort today!


Returning WE-I Practitioners

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