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The Power of Emotions

Understand What Drives Your Clients and Unleash Their Full Potential!


What's the hidden force that's driving your clients?

What's beneath the surface that’s motivating their reactions, their decisions, their choices?

What energy when unharnessed has the power to convince your clients to do and act in a way that's not in their own best interests?

It’s their emotions.

Our emotions influence every aspect of our lives. They influence the decisions we make, how we experience our lives, and how we experience our relationships.

And when we're unaware of our emotions, deny them, or distance ourselves from them, we’ll tend to be unconscious of their impact. We’ll be blind to how they influence us, how we experience ourselves, how we make decisions, and how we relate to others.

When we stay unaware of something that exerts that much influence over our lives, we’ll be suppressed by it.

That's why we created this masterclass on The Power of Emotions so that you can understand what's driving your clients when they can't and begin to learn how to coach your clients around their emotions and help them break their habitual emotions to unleash their full potential!

In This FREE Masterclass, You'll Discover...

Context for the role emotions play in our clients' lives
WHY exploring our client's emotions is an essential aspect of coaching
The definition and purpose of three specific emotions, and how to recognize and coach them
Practical techniques and tools for coaching your clients to make meaning of emotions.

“The importance of this is just overwhelming right now.”

I just wanted to share what a game-changer this has been for my clients, especially during the pandemic and working from home.... this is so important right now when people are depleted; they are worn out and exhausted. The importance of this is just overwhelming right now.

- Joe Gregory, The Sales Catalyst
Role of Emotions Guide

This emotions guide is a primer to help you facilitate coaching your clients around their emotions. It will support your clients in understanding the role emotions play in their lives, the importance of accessing them, and a language to use to identify and talk about them.

Feelings Inventory

All feelings have merit and can add to the richness of our human experience. When reflecting upon an interpersonal conflict, consider using the feelings inventory to support your clients in naming their emotional experience to create greater awareness.

Understanding Emotions

The Understanding Emotions guided exercise will take you on a deep dive into the labels of emotions and your current understanding of their meaning. A great exercise to share with your clients!

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