EQ to WE-Q: Uncovering Joy

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Exploring the Emotion that Changes Everything

Joy can be a deep well that fills us all. And when we & our clients access the deep well of joy, we have a greater capacity for the whole of our lives — for experiencing and knowing our inner world, being present with what’s around us, and especially for our relationships. Joy as a source never fails; it always carries our WE Intelligence forward.

Where Is the Time for Joy?

This one-session course is about how you can support your clients in accessing their own capacity for joy. Being able to access a degree of joy is essential not only for health and well-being but also for the coaching process to gain purchase with your client.

You will leave this course with a better understanding of the importance of joy and what can get in the way of accessing it, as well as with clear, tangible practices for supporting your clients in accessing their joy.

Leaving this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the importance and role of joy in your life
  • Connect with your own experience of joy
  • Understand and articulate the impact of a depleted joy bucket
  • Discern what prevents your clients from accessing their own joy
  • Identify ways of freeing your clients from their barriers to joy so they can uncover the joy that’s already present in their lives

Join us! 

Uncover the joy already present in your life and build a foundation in your work that leads to breakthroughs.