WE-I Practitioner Refresher

For Certified WE-I Practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of Self, coaching, clients, and the WE-I Profile.

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Reinvigorate your use of the WE-I Profile and discover new ways of expressing the power of WE-I.

You made an investment of time and money to attend the WE-I Profile Practitioner Certification.

Are you using what you learned?

Has it been a while since you leveraged the WE-I Profile in your coaching engagements?

Whether you’re using the WE-I Profile or not, that’s OK.

Each WE-I Practitioner training cohort is unique.

There is always something new to learn and opportunities to deepen your understanding of yourself, your clients, coaching, and the WE-I Profile.

The new perspectives of how your clients are moving through life and approaches to coaching through the lens of WE-I have the potential to change your coaching and your life.

You’ll leave the training feeling qualified and confident to use the WE-I Profile with clients because you’ll experience it from the inside out.

When you attend refresher training, you’ll leverage your initial investment to gain a deeper awareness of yourself and the hidden drivers of your life.

And, you can use your newfound knowledge to create those same impactful awarenesses in your clients.

An Invitation To…

  • Certified WE-I Practitioners
  • Certified WE-I Master Practitioners
  • Certified WE-I Team Practitioners

to invest in your continued growth and development as a Certified WE-I Practitioner. By refreshing your knowledge and skills in the unique niche of WE-I, you can be better equipped to support your clients in their transformational journey.

A refresher is especially for you if you’re a Certified WE-I Practitioner who:

  • Has not attended training in over two years
  • Wants to discover new perspectives, approaches, and techniques for expressing the power of WE-I
  • Desires to connect and dive deeper into relationships, shared experiences, and interpersonal awareness
  • Seeks to continue supporting your clients in living their lives with deep and meaningful relationships
  • Desires to become more proficient with interpreting WE-I Profile results
  • Has received new coaching clients and want to feel confident and well-versed in the WE- Profile for these engagements
  • Wants to leverage refresher training to meet ICF CEU requirements

Leverage Your Initial Investment to Deepen Your Coaching

» Explore your unique inner experience with interactive, experiential sessions, focusing on the "Self as Coach"

» Deepen your expertise in the unique niche of WE-I coaching to support your ability to secure more work

» Go beyond the WE-I Profile and gain awareness of the common denominators of your clients' derailing behaviors and how you can uncover them in generative ways for your clients

» Explore novel and nuanced principles of coaching that apply well beyond an assessment and have the potential to shift and deepen how you coach

Experience Training A Whole New Way

» Harness your learning through paced out, consumable bites both in live sessions and through on-demand access to all recordings

» Access all-new personalized tools, templates, and support to reinforce your learning

» Engage in a like-in person experiential training with interactive sessions using a variety of modalities including learning partners, group discussions, and triads.

» As a refresher, you will be thoughtfully integrated into a cohort of new trainees, in a way that is intended to fully support your learning.

» Receive dedicated support through bonus AMA sessions


Strategically re-designed to take your coaching deeper…

Each session is strategically designed to help you develop and refine your understanding of the internal world of your clients and how you see it through the clarifying lens of the WE-I Profile.

Uncover hidden patterns that may be blocking your clients from achieving their goals.
Engage in reflective exercises to explore your own Journey of Relational Awarenes.
Learn how you and your narratives have shaped your life experience in hidden ways.
Learn how to examine old narratives and create new ones and do the same for your clients.
Work with your own intrapersonal process so that you’ll bring an embodied experience and be fully present with your clients.
Gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to confidently take your clients through the same transformational process.

"This has been excellent - well worth my time…"

I love the combination of exercises, videos, and resource information and material. I love the greater detail on triggers, the relationship of VUCA between our clients, coaching, the WE-I Profile, and also the connection of our individual narratives and the Hero's Journey. Also, the way to frame and map the WE-I Profile. I especially liked the attunement suggestions. Great clarification regarding percentage and percentile - I used to struggle with that!"

— Barbara Rubin-Greenberg

Now Two Ways to Join Us for a Refresher...

Full WE-I Training Program 

Unlock the Full WE-I Training Program at a Refresher Price! This immersive 14-week training is designed to provide you with the same comprehensive learning experience as new trainees but at a fraction of the cost. Dive deep into the rich and rigorous curriculum, dedicating 3-4 hours per week outside of the 90-minute live sessions.

As part of this program, you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow practitioners in weekly triad meetings, creating a supportive community where you can exchange valuable insights. Put your knowledge into action with a practice client scenario, gaining real-world experience applying the WE-I Profile.

Whether you're looking for a brush-up or a complete immersion, this program is ideal for those who haven't used the WE-I Profile recently or want to stay updated with the latest training. Boost your confidence as you validate your understanding and usage of the WE-I Profile, maximizing the benefits it brings to your clients.

Upon completion, you'll earn 40 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), meeting certification requirements along with program attendance and certification quizzes. Join the Full WE-I Cert Training Program today and emerge as a skilled and confident WE-I Practitioner ready to make a positive impact in the lives of your clients.

WE-I Refresher LITE:

Enhancing WE-I Proficiency for Practitioners

This comprehensive 9-week hybrid learning experience empowers WE-I Practitioners to update their skills and knowledge at their own pace. With a perfect blend of online resources and eight live sessions, you'll deepen your understanding of the WE-I Profile.

The program is entirely customizable, allowing you to choose the asynchronous content that suits your familiarity with the WE-I Profile and concepts. Reinforce your learning with 4 Certification quizzes and earn 34 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon completion (1.5 CEUs deducted for each missed live session).

The best part? No mandatory weekly triad meetings! Focus on individual learning and stay up-to-date with the evolving WE-I training. Whether you're an experienced WE-I Practitioner looking to brush up or deepen your understanding, this program is designed for you.

Build confidence in holding and debriefing the WE-I Profile from a coach's perspective, refining your skills for maximum client benefit. Don't miss this opportunity to update your expertise in the WE-I Profile. 

Create meaningful shifts in a fraction of the time

Upcoming Training Dates

Learn more about curriculum, training dates, and tuition by selecting from our in-person and virtual certification training below.

September 10 - December 10, 2024

Virtual Training, Pacific/Eastern Time

Join the September cohort of the WE-I Training Program and immerse yourself in an intimate, "like-in-person" transformational experience. You have the option to choose between two flexible paths: the WE-I Refresher Lite or the Full WE-I Cert Training Program.

Dive into the rich and rigorous curriculum, connect with fellow practitioners in weekly triad meetings, and gain real-world experience with the WE-I Profile.


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