WE-I Mastery. Conscious Connections. Powerful Awareness.

A Quarterly Program for Experienced WE-I Practitioners Who Use (or Want to Use) the WE-I Profile With Teams


WE-Q Mastery. Conscious Connections. Powerful Awareness.


Welcome to Team DEEP, a support community for WE-I Practitioners who work with teams using the WE-I Profile. 

Using the WE-I Profile with teams is a complex and rewarding process that requires creativity, discernment, and a capacity to be with individual, collective, and leader profiles. This program provides practitioners with the scaffolding, resources, and community to confidently work with team data.

You’re invited to…

Deepen Your Knowledge

Led by Master WE-I Practitioners, our 90-minute quarterly meetings will dive deeply into the dimensions of the WE-I Profile for teams and how to debrief them.

Practice Your Skills

Get your questions and curiosities answered and gain a deeper understanding of the WE-I Profile and how to use it to create powerful awareness and lasting change with teams. Each quarter, we will review a team’s profile, develop hunches and interpret team data from a place of empathy. Explore WE-I dimensions and team development and coaching approaches that lead to a greater expression of individual and team relational intelligence.

Engage and Connect 

Get connected and join the conversation! Share your challenges, celebrate your wins, and collaborate with other WE-I Practitioners. Team DEEP is more than just a meeting. It’s a community of WE-I professionals focused on learning from each other, supporting each other, and using the WE-I Profile with their clients and their teams to create life-changing insights.

See the Human Beneath the Pattern

Beneath every WE-I Profile is a human that’s been wounded, as we all have. In Team DEEP, we work together to develop empathy and acceptance for the humans underneath the Profile and, for a moment, imagine the world through their eyes.

Explore Your Experience as a WE-I Practitioner

As a WE-I Practitioner, you are helping humans heal from hidden hurts. Team DEEP is a space where you can explore your experience as a fellow human doing this work and share what you are proud of and how you are growing in the work.


This unique community is especially for WE-I Practitioners who…

Use or want to use the WE-I Profile with teams. If you are passionate about using the WE-I Profile to support team development, this program is for you.

You’ll join a growing community of professional WE-I Practitioners just like you to enhance your expertise. Get your questions and curiosities answered and gain a deeper understanding of the WE-I Profile, its underpinnings, and how to use it to create even more powerful awareness with teams.


Participating in Team DEEP lets you share ideas, insights, and resources with other practitioners using the WE-I Profile with teams. 

You’ll gain more breadth in your offerings and added confidence using the WE-I Profile with teams. You’ll get more practice working with team data, benefit from the experiences of other practitioners who use the WE-I with teams, and have your questions answered in a Team Practice Community.

The Team DEEP community was designed for WE-I Practitioners who are committed to these principles: 



Team DEEP is a safe space to share, learn and support each other's understanding of the WE-I Profile with teams. This type of community learning may require members to share personal and professional information, so all conversations in the Team DEEP community are to be kept confidential.

Kindness & Acceptance

We all have different opinions, ideas, and experiences AND as a member of the Team DEEP community, we welcome and value all with kindness and respect because that is how we learn and grow. 

Open Discussions

Here, you’ll find collaboration and open conversations giving everyone an opportunity to share their wins, challenges, reflections, and questions. As a member of Team DEEP, we invite you to share your own experiences and stories.

“With DEEP, I feel more confident and accurate with my WE-I Profile debriefs.”

Joe Phillips

Team DEEP Membership at a Glance

The Second Wednesday of March, June, September, and December

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern

1.5 ICF CCE offered for each live session attended.


Engage in a private platform exclusive to Team DEEP members for support, collaboration, and ongoing, open discussions among community members. 

Get questions answered, review a Team’s Profile and the interpretation of team data in monthly 90-minute deep dive calls. 

Access tools, templates, exercises and case studies to support you, your clients and their teams in using the WE-I Profile.

Get access to resources and recordings, and tap into the wisdom of other Practitioners to increase your skills throughout your membership.

Review a team’s pattern, how it showed up in their behavior and performance, how the team engaged with their data, and the outcome.

Interact, share, celebrate wins, discuss challenges and connect with other WE-I Practitioners in a safe, intimate space.

Ready to Dive DEEP Into the WE-I Profile With Teams? 

Team DEEP Membership


Automatically billed every 3 months

  • Quarterly 90-minute meetings held live on Zoom
  • Access to the DEEP Community Forum
  • Resources, including case studies, templates and exercises

Team DEEP is a 90-minute live online class held quarterly for WE-I Practitioners who use or want to use the WE-I Profile with teams.

Each quarter, we’ll explore:

  • How practitioners are using the WE-I Profile with teams
  • A Team’s Profile and the interpretation of team data
  • A case study of how the WE-I Profile was used with a team, the team’s pattern, how it showed up in their behavior and performance, how the team engaged with their data and the outcome.
  • Questions from community members about best practices in using the WE-I Profile with teams  
  • Resources to use with teams
“DEEP has helped me to deepen my coaching. I love connecting the dots to help people understand themselves and how that translates to their relationships and experiences.”

Julie Donley

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