Breathwork for Coaches:

Expanding Your Capacity, Deepening Your Presence

Welcome to a transformative journey of self-discovery, energetic release, and enhanced coaching capacity through the power of Breathwork.

Nurturing Your Coaching Essence Through Breath

Discover the profound potential of Breathwork – not merely a technique, but a transformative journey that nurtures your coaching journey and amplifies your impact on clients.

As dedicated coaches, we recognize that our evolution transcends the realm of techniques. It's about cultivating a deeper connection within ourselves, and through our authentic essence, we unlock the power to catalyze our clients' journey of self-discovery and growth.

Also, we can tend to focus our energies on serving others and supporting the growth and development of our clients.  In doing so, we can overextend ourselves and prioritize the needs of others over our own, leaving us energetically depleted. Our capacity to be present for our clients is greatly enhanced when we nurture ourselves and tend to our own needs. 

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an active meditation using a two-part breath, inhaling and exhaling through the mouth, sometimes called pranayama yoga. It will activate the hypothalamus gland and release endorphins. Like other types of meditation, breathwork can take the self-referencing default mode network of the brain offline and allow you to access and integrate other regions of the brain. Ultimately, it can allow you to connect with your core essence.

What Is the Purpose of Breathwork?

The intention of breathwork is to release stuck energies in the form of thoughts or emotions related to past experiences and to gain access to a deeper Self, activating the part of you that knows and has information for you. When you are able to release your own stuck energy and connect more deeply with your Self, you expand your capacity and deepen your ability to be present with a broader range of your client’s emotional experiences and patterns.

Developing Expanded Capacity and Deepened Presence

As coaches, our ability to meet clients where they are rests upon our own capacity and presence to be with the fullness of our own experience. Breathwork offers a unique avenue to expand your capacity and presence, fostering a space where you can: 

  • Unravel entrenched patterns that influence both you and your clients
  • Reconnect with your body's wisdom and intuition
  • Unveil insights and clarity about yourself
  • Experience the release of stored emotions
  • Find rest and restoration amid life's demands
  • Connect with your energetic center
  • Embrace your authentic essence as a coach

Your Journey Within Each Session

Our Breathwork program is not like other coach training. It's a holistic approach that acknowledges the intricate dance between your personal growth as an individual and your professional impact as a coach. Our monthly sessions guide you through:

  • Theme Exploration: Dive into thought-provoking content tailored to your journey as a coach.
  • Inner Dialogue: Engage in enriching conversations that reveal the theme's resonance with you personally and your coaching practice.
  • Embodied Breathwork: Immerse yourself in a guided breathwork experience, followed by integration and reflection.

A Personal Breathwork Exploration

Each breathwork experience is a self-guided exploration, ensuring that every participant emerges with their own unique experience. However, common experience among participants include:

  • Greater clarity
  • Heightened self-connection and self-awareness
  • Enhanced capacity to be present for clients
  • Insights into the month's theme, enriching both personal and professional spheres

Enriching Resources for Your Path

Beyond the transformative sessions, you'll receive valuable resources:

  • Thoughtfully curated breathwork playlists
  • Supportive guides on each month's theme
  • Exercises designed to connect you to yourself and help you better understand your clients

Join Breathwork for Coaches

When you join us for a Breathwork session, you become part of a supportive community of coaches committed to personal and professional evolution. Experience the resonance of themes aligned with core coaching concepts while fueling your growth.

We offer two purchase options: 1) pay for only the monthly sessions you wish to attend or 2) enroll in our monthly subscription which provides you access every month beginning upon purchase. 


Option 1:

Purchase the month(s) of Breathwork you’d like to attend. Each is $19 per session. 

Option 2:

Enroll in our monthly subscription which provides you access every month beginning upon purchase.

Unlock Ongoing Clarity and Presence with 'Breathwork for Coaches' Monthly Subscription

Step into a coaching journey where breathwork becomes your steadfast ally. Say goodbye to standalone sessions and welcome a subscription that nurtures continuous growth, clarity and presence.

Join a supportive community, and enjoy hassle-free payments, all at the same price as individual sessions.

Plus, with the flexibility to cancel anytime, it's an easy and convenient way to prioritize your well-being and personal growth.

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